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Musikerförbundet cares about the entire music industry. By having both stagehands and musicians as members in the same union, we gain a stronger negotiating position with our counterparts: stagehand companies and event organizers.

Become a member of Musikerförbundet at a discounted price

Make a difference for yourself and your colleagues by becoming a member of Musikerförbundet. Together, we can create a positive change and ensure a better future for everyone in the music industry.

If you become a member during Melodifestivalen 2024, you can get a one-year membership for 249 SEK/month (regular fee is 340 SEK/month), saving you a total of 1092 SEK!

Find out more about how to take advantage of this offer further down the page.

How we works to help you:

Collective agreements

We have recently negotiated a new collective agreement for stagehands at Melodifestivalen 2024, and we are now reaching out to all stagehand companies to encourage more to join. Take a look at the collective agreement, which sets the minimum levels for wages, working conditions, overtime compensation, insurance, and other benefits.

Read the collective agreement here!

Union support

If something goes wrong at work, as a member of Musikerförbundet, you always have someone on your side to help protect your rights. It could be issues like incorrect wages, denied vacation, layoffs, and other work-related challenges. We provide negotiation assistance and advice on everything related to your professional life, equipped with effective negotiation tools to achieve balanced agreements and provide job security.

Work environment issues

Stagehands lift heavily, work at great heights, under time pressure and with the risk of injuries and accidents. We take workplace safety very seriously, especially considering the challenging and potentially dangerous work that stagehand personnel perform. We work to create safe workplaces and promote health and well-being. Contact our safety representatives if you feel that the employer is not adequately managing the risks in the work environment.

Contact details for regional safety representatives!

One-year membership for only 249 SEK/month (regular 340 SEK/month)

First, you need to register on our membership pages. This is where you will enter your personal information.

Enter the campaign code:
Once registered, log in and click on the ”Min profil” tab. Scroll down to the ”Övrig information” field and enter the campaign code MELLO24.

Pay for the first month:
When you register, you will pay 340 SEK for the first month, which is the regular fee for membership.

The membership for the second month is 158 SEK (regular fee – two discounted months). From the third month and the rest of the first year, the membership is 249 SEK/month.